Mechanical design services


Equipment fully tailored to your needs


Whether it is to be competitive, to improve productivity or because their machines are nearing the end of their lives, every business faces at one time or another the need to improve its facilities.


By entrusting your installations analysis at Sogenix groupe conseil, you ensure solutions that will consider upgrading your current equipment, which will increase your production and your efficiency while simplifying the use, maintenance and safety of your machines.



Solutions offered

 Design and modification

  • Creating custom parts, machinery and equipment
  • Improving existing equipment and machinery
  • Find the best equipment available on the market

 Machine safety

  • Risk assessment studies on equipment
  • Design of protective guards of all kinds

 Personalized approach

  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • Significant improvement in productivity
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Satisfaction of your staff
  • Innovative and safe technology